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The Dover Area Religious Leaders Association

The Cocheco Forum

Bob O'Connell, My Friend's Place

Bob OíConnell has served as Executive Director of My Friendís Place in Dover since 1995. He brings to his task 25 years of experience with programs and services that assist low-income or disadvantaged citizens. His educational background includes associates, bachelorís and masterís degrees.

Summary of Bob O'Connell's Speech

Is there anything we can do about homelessness? The old Dover Clergy Association helped start My Friend's Place. The community decided that there was a problem which needed to be addressed. Janet Poulin was afraid that the homeless would die during the winter because there were not enough beds for them, so she started the Homeless Center. The community is the glue that ties the various homeless programs together.

A big problem at the Shelter is the burn-out factor resulting from dealing with day-to-day problems. All the families there are victims of problems, poor decisions, or somthing which someone else has done to them. My Friend's Place helps them to get on to the next level or decision; but, they need to make the decisions on their own.