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The Dover Area Religious Leaders Association

The Cocheco Forum

Homelessness Study Guide

Factual Questions concerning Homelessness

  1. What definition do you give to homelessness? How does one “qualify” as homeless?

  2. How many homeless persons are there in the Seacoast Area?

  3. How many homeless represent entire families with children?

  4. Children represent what percentage of homeless persons in the Seacoast?

  5. How are the homeless counted?

  6. Where do the homeless find services and resources in the Seacoast?

  7. How does section 8 housing work? How long? Who qualifies?

  8. What is the number of homeless people who refuse help (e.g, camping out in the woods in the winter) rather than “get into the system,” “get registered”?

  9. Do we have facilities in this area for homeless people who are basically incapable?

  10. Why are animals excluded from shelters? They are not harmful and are important to their owners.

  11. What help is there for homeless persons coming out of jail or prison?

  12. What about the “less desirable,” persons in society, for example, those who have been incarcerated for sex crimes?

  13. Where are the homeless in the Seacoast Area? Where do they live?

  14. What living wage is needed to afford a house or an apartment in the Seacoast Area?

  15. What social “safety nets” exist when the bottom falls out for a person or a family—i.e. job loss, illness, death…? Are such safety nets available?

  16. On the state level, is there a lobbying group for the homeless?