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The Dover Area Religious Leaders Association

The Cocheco Forum

Homelessness Study Guide

Discussion Questions concerning Homelessness

  1. Why is there homelessness?

  2. The high cost of housing seems to be a cause of homelessness. Are there any solutions locally for this?

  3. What can we do to end homelessness?

  4. In what ways can the community (i.e., individuals, churches) respond?

  5. What are some of the concrete things that a small church can do to help homeless people?

  6. What can we do on the legislative level? In there current state legislation addressing this issue? What about Federal?

  7. Concern: The number of employed people struggling to make it on minimal income

  8. What is being done to address homelessness?

  9. What are things one person or one family can do to help?

  10. Would it be true to say that homelessness is a “hidden” issue for society and that the homeless are “invisible”?

  11. Why don’t the homeless just get a job or seek out help?

  12. N.H. is a relatively prosperous state. Does this mean it is less apt to have homeless persons or more apt to?