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The Dover Area Religious Leaders Association

The Cocheco Forum

Jack Buckley, Dover Public Housing

Jack Buckley is the Executive Director of the Dover Housing Authority and has been at the job since 1979. He previously taught and worked in the social services area. Well known for his community service, Jack has held numerous city and state positions including mayor of Dover and has served on governmental and private boards. He holds a masterís degree in Public Administration.

Summary of Jack Buckley's Speech

The Dover Housing Authority provides low income housing. There are 458 units: 184 family/elderly units; 334 Section 8 units in which subsidized area landlords take in persons with low income; they also manage Addison Place with 45 units rented for below market rent, and Covered Bridge Manor with 26 elderly units. This gives a total of 854 units.

The DHA does not provide emergency housing. Clients are placed on a waiting list and preference is given to Dover residents. The length of the waiting list varies from program to program. The wait is presently 2 months to a year.

Homelessness is often hidden. The homeless often live in cars, coamps or double up with family, and these people are not usually counted among the homeless. What are the reasons for homelessness? One is poverty. The average 2 bedroom apartment in Dover goes for $900/month; a 3 bedroom apartment can be $1,000. Someone earning minimum wage cannot afford rents like this. Sickness or disability are also factors. Domestic violence is the 2nd most common cause of homelessness for women. Other causes are mental illness, substance abuse, and the lack of affordable housing.